Your quick-witted, goofy mom friend who beats you out for the promotion, then surprises you by being a total knockout at the office party. 

Photo by Danophoto.

Photo by Danophoto.

I'm a Seattle-based actor, director, and teaching artist. I believe in the power of a great pun, and have a sense of humor that borders on ridiculous. Full of determination; I have a fierce work ethic and a show-must-go-on spirit. While I may wear the official mom wardrobe around the house (yoga pants and a stained shirt), I delight at the chance to get dolled up in a gown or period costume.

I feel equally at home in contemporary and classical works, having performed in many of Shakespeare's plays. I'm currently the Education Coordinator at Seattle Shakespeare Company. 

I'm married to a wonderful man and we have a happy and active toddler together. We enjoy all things Harry Potter, walking around Greenlake, and dance parties in the kitchen.

As a member the Theatre 9/12 Company, we have weekly scene study class with Charles Waxberg. I hold a BFA Acting from Oklahoma City University

Take a look at my resume, and please contact me if you're interested in booking me for a performing opportunity. 

Miss Andrew (“The Holy Terror”) was very good as played by Zandi Carlson.* Her faceoff with Mary which takes place in the Banks’ living room was a highlight of the show.

*It should be noted that my performance as Miss Andrew was a last minute replacement, with only one rehearsal, before going on for all of opening weekend.
— Kim Hastings, AXS on Mary Poppins - Bainbridge Performing Arts
Beautiful raw emotion in the final scene. A real presence on stage.
— 2017 Gregory Award Nominator on Perfect Arrangement - ReAct Theatre
In a late moment in act two, the talented Zandi Carlson as near speechless Jackie (her tongue was cut out) is hypnotic in her “Jackie’s Last Dance” solo.
— David Edward Hughes, Talking Broadway on The Wild Party - Sound Theatre Company
[Taylor] Richmond and [Zandi] Carlson are delectable as the clever duo who wants nothing more than to burn the place down. Carlson commands every moment with intention and focus and Richmond is adorable as the slightly dim (but still smarter than their dupes) follower. Richmond was kind of the Laurel to Carlson’s Hardy, if you will, but with much more dire schemes.
— Jay Irwin, on The Firebugs - STAGEright