Audition Prep Camp Love

I can honestly say I love nothing more than audition coaching. 

  • I love helping students select and work monologues
  • I love formatting resumes
  • I love discussing branding for headshots
    • (And I love being in front of the camera myself...see below)
John Ulman photographing my audition prep student at Seattle Center.  

John Ulman photographing my audition prep student at Seattle Center.  

This past week, I taught an audition prep camp with high school students. It was the first time Seattle Shakespeare Company had done a camp like this. I had told my boss I wanted to teach it, because it was something I loved teach when I worked at Bainbridge Performing Arts. We had 5 enthusiastic students, who were a joy to work with. 

These students got such a sweet deal because in addition to the monologue selection and acting coaching work, the camp included headshots with the fabulous John Ulman. Remember him from my most recent headshots? He is so lovely to work with, and all the students raved about how at ease he made them feel. 

Audition Prep Group Photo.jpg

We also took a group shot, and I think these teenagers look like they're graduating from an MFA program and are ready to conquer the world. I certainly wasn't as poised and confident when I was a sophomore or junior in high school! Every time I teach high school students, I think about how wish I could have gotten the information I'm giving them when I was their age. It all worked out in the end, but I was so clueless auditioning at their age.  

After all the students were done getting their photos taken, I jumped in front of the camera and asked the student to direct me. The results were pretty funny, and possibly more true to who I am that my actual headshots, but I don't know how much work I'd book from these. 


And now, for my silly NON-headshots.
(Any guesses what they directed me to do?)

If you have someone you know looking for help with audition prep, please contact me, and I would be happy to discuss private coaching! I love working with teens on audition prep for school productions and college auditions, and also work with adults!