ASM Life

I started a new job last week, as the Assistant Stage Manager of Arms and the Man with Seattle Shakespeare Company. Since fall is relatively slow for the Education department, I was able to shift my education hours around, and take on this new responsibility. 

It's basically been since college since I've stage managed, but as a producer/director of youth productions, I'm often responsible for my own prop lists, scene tracking, being on book, etc. 

This beauty is growing thru our basement. So we’re remodeling.

This beauty is growing thru our basement. So we’re remodeling.

I signed on for this project for a few reasons. First--to be blunt: we could use the money. We're embarking on a basement remodel project due to a root lifting the floor. When my husband removed part of the root, it sprouted thru the floor!

I also wanted more experience on the production side. The way my work schedule is, I'm available for projects with daytime rehearsals in the fall and winter, but spring is our busy time in education. When I took the Education Coordinator job, I was hoping to be on-stage again with Shakes, but so far none of the auditions have yielded any offers (I'm a tweener, right?) So this is my way to be in the rehearsal room and build relationships with other actors, designers, and a new-to-me director. And to be inspired by these talented working artists, and take away anything I can from this process to use myself!

It's been lovely to watch how these actors work. I'm delighted to see how people prepared for first rehearsal. It's amazing to see folks come with lines comfortable in their mouths--clearly they did their homework before rehearsal. The actors had character choices already, and intelligent questions for the director and other actors during table work. 

I’m particularly charmed by Seattle theatre legend, Suzy Hunt. Anytime we would go back and pick up a moment we'd just done, she'd make a completely new and hilarious choices. I wish my young student could see her make these bold choices, and extreme beat changes--it's amazing. And she is just charming and lovely to be in the room with! A good reminder that who you are, and being a positive addition to the room, is JUST as important as talent. 

I'm excited to see how this rehearsal process continues. 

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